Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Church

So. . .all of my life I have attended the same church.  I absolutely love the people!  (I mean it's hard not to when you're dad's the pastor and your the "golden girl").  However, when Jon and I got married, he somewhat felt as though I was trying to fit him into my already existing world instead of beginning a new world with him.  Though this made perfect sense to me, I still had a hard time with the idea of leaving my church. . .who am I kidding?  I'm still having a hard time with this.  This entire blog centers around changes and new things.  After much prayer and talking it through, Jon and I devised a plan which included visiting only new churches at the beginning of the year.  A pastor once said something along the lines of, "Visit us three weeks in a row and you'll be hooked."  This stuck with me, and I have taken it to devise a new plan.  We will visit a church 3 weeks in a row before moving on to the next one--that way we get a real feel for the place.  Well, we are on our 2nd week at a new church--next week will be week 3 (obviously).  Who knows where we'll end up?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just "Be"

Today I was inspired to start something new. . .hopefully this blog will be interesting for others to read.  At the very least, it will be a place for me to write/reflect.  My inspiration yielded from yet another snow day (this is the 3rd one in a row with 2 more to follow) and a friend (she blogs already and loves it!).  My husband is at work and there's only so much cleaning one can do.  So here I am sitting on the couch bundled up in a fleece blanket.  For me, it's hard to find a place to start.  Typically thoughts run through my head a mile a minute.  I feel as though God has given me these snow days to take a moment to just be.  So many times my life is wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that I rarely take time to just be.  Talking with my dad earlier, I feel like I haven't had a break since high school (maybe even before that).  There's always something to do that just can't wait, another thing to check off the to do list.  So today... and the rest of this week that I have off, my goal is to rest and cliche as it sounds "just be."